Consumerism In Control -A Profile on the Riots in Turkey

Riots in Turkey Pics

Consumerism in Control – A Profile on the Riots in Turkey

By: Chris Gocklin

Revolution is contagious, and the turmoil spilling over into the turkish border is proving this. As widespread riots in a westernized country who’s population is in anger over the Prime Ministers dictator like ruling,  many question does America have anything to worry about?

With this, it begs the question could this be the reason the riots haven’t received the same attention of the mainstream media as Beyonce or the latest smartphone failure tragedy?

With Such Chaos Prim Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces his largest threat to his leadership since he took office 10 years ago. With the catalyst of the revolutionary cry being the announcement of a mall to replace a public park, many people have confused this to be the only reason masses have gathered in protest at Taksim square.

But according to Bayram Balci, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Middle East Program. The protests are a tool, “a way to express people’s general opposition to the progressive dictatorship of the prime minister.”

Balci further illustrated that the prime minister had begun to implement more, “conservative measures”, stating that Erdogan had talked of banning abortion as well as dictating where people can drink alcohol.

However, these circumstances are only minor compared to other outrages the Turkish community have faced under the rule of the seemingly too powerful PM. reypolis

May 11, marked the largest terrorist attack in modern Turkish history, claiming 52 lives in the city of Reyhanli. However, due to a court ordered temporary ban on media, the incident was largely unreported.

n_47107_4 Along with this outrage to the Turkish public, Sources hint that Erdogan may be looking into augmenting the constitution to allow him to run for another term.

All of this chaos, is amidst deeper tensions mounting between the ongoing crisis in Syria (of which has also not received significant media attention in much of the Western world especially the U.S.)

Despite many trade routes being blocked by the crisis to the rest of the arab world, Ankara (Turkey’s Capitol) has provided the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood with significant Support.

Turkey is also credited with providing shelter to many Syrian Refugees. Spending nearly $750 million but receiving only $100 million in international aid due to disagreements from donors.

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2 thoughts on “Consumerism In Control -A Profile on the Riots in Turkey

    • Most definitly! Whats worse is that stories like these don’t get the attention they deserve. Turkey is westernized 1st world country and is in chaos! Identifying corruption is the first step in preventing it. But how can corruption be identified if its never been seen first hand? If there is going to be any change made the media must be the first in my opinion.

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