About D.E.M. News

Deus Ex Machina is a news page. Designed to be a journalist page on facebook, as well as through other mediums such as print and online. Where people can come together to discuss their opinions and share ideas relevent to world events and current affairs occuring around them/to them.

With the media dominated by many of the same people who brought you “Jersey Shore”, “The little Mermaid 3” and Exxon, can you really trust what you see on T.V….. probably not.

Any story worth hearing these days has to be searched for and who in their busy day to day life wants to search for stories they don’t know about?

Deus Ex Machina News (Meaning God in the machine) is designed to be a place for you and everyone to see stories from people just like you. Who don’t have the money to attract the attention big media corporations politicians, celebreties, and big business corps do.

But above all this is ment to be a place for you to express your opinions and be heard maybe even published with no cost at all… because knowledge shouldnt come at any price other than that of an open mind.


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